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The Borneo Adventure: Biking and River Rafting at Malaysia's Hidden Gem

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Kota Kinabalu is a perfect jumping-off point to explore Sabah’s great outdoors, be it by trekking, biking, rafting or tubing! Bringing you close to nature is one of the best ways to experience the back-country, and it’s great for all levels as the routes and difficulty can be adjusted to suit everyone.

You can experience a half-day bike ride through rice fields and jungle plantations, over exciting hanging bridges, country roads and nature trails and finally to a charming Dusun tribe village where you’ll meet village kids, cows and chickens! The Dusun tribe farms rice, rubber, fruits and coconuts as well as hunt in the forests and fish from the nearby rivers. A great activity for MICE groups, with up to 30 bikes split into 5 bikers per guide.

River rafting gives another perspective of the lush nature of Sabah and it’s even possible to combine the biking experience with a half-day river rafting experience in the 1-2 Class Kiulu river, across modest rapids with spectacular scenery along the way.

If you want more excitement, you can opt for a full day rafting experience with thrilling rapids instead!

There are three other rivers for rafting close to Kota Kinabalu; the Papar river (13km, 2-3 Class), which can be combined with a visit to see the Proboscis Monkeys in Klias Wetlands, the Kedamaian River in Kota Belud, stretching from the foot of Mt Kinabalu (10km, 1 - 3 class) which can be combined with easy treks in the mist-clad slopes of Mt Kinabalu Nature reserve, or an adventure in the wilder Padas River (9km, 3-4 Class) which is only accessible by a vintage diesel train and is a full day experience.

Come with 8th Wave to explore the wonderful nature of Sabah.

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