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Many hot springs and bath houses in Japan ban customers with tattoos


Slurping indicates the dish is delicious. It also cools down the hot noodles.


The Gate Tower Building in Osaka has a highway that passes through the building, between the fifth and seventh floors.


Useful information to help you decide if Japan is the right destination for your event!

Recommended group size

Best for...

Flight connections

10 - 300 pax

Incentives and conferences

There are several international airports around Japan, with direct connections to many of the capitals around the world. The domestic air and bullet train network is also very effective.

Best time to visit

October - May are the best months to visit 

Avoid traveling on...

Japan has a lot of domestic travel, especially for the Golden Week and Cherry Blossom season.

Local currency

Japanese Yen (JPY) is the local currency.

While most hotels and larger restaurants and shops accept cards, the country is still very reliant on cash. ATMs for foreign cards can mostly be found in Seven Eleven convenience stores.



Japan is an ancient culture that is remarkably unique with a fascinating juxtaposition of old versus popular culture in cuisine, architecture, performing arts, fashion and customs, clinging to traditional culture at the same time as it explores new expressions.With over 6,800 islands ranging from the tropical islands of Okinawa with its beautiful beaches to northern Hokkaido with snow-capped mountains and ice festivals, the country has no less than 18 UNESCO Sites in Japan - 14 cultural and 4 natural, as well as 30 National parks, including Mt Fuji.


Danjo Garan
Okunoin Cemetery
Seigantoji Temple
Otaru Canal Hokkaido
Furano Hokkaido
Heart Rock Okinawa
Kuromon Market Osaka
Flipping Dorayaki

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