Borobudur in Jogjakarta is the largest Buddhist temple in the world, decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues.


It is home to over 700 different languages and dialects


Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with more than 18,000 islands, but no one can really agree on just how many there are.


Useful information to help you decide if Indonesia is the right destination for your event!

Recommended group size

10 - 100 pax

Best for...

Incentives and conferences

Flight connections

Indonesia is well connected and has over 600 airports. There are direct flights to Jakarta and Bali from many air-hubs around the world.

Best time to visit

Avoid traveling on...

Local currency

May - Sep when the days are dry and sunny

On Bali’s Silence Day “Nyepi” - the airport and the whole island of Bali will be closed for 24 hours. The month of Ramadan will see some restaurants and shops closed in the rest of Indonesia outside of Bali.

Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)) is the local currency. Cards and contactless payments are widely accepted in major cities and tourist hotspots. Smaller stores and restaurants tend to accept cash only.

Lombok Waterfall.jpg


The diversity of Indonesia is what makes this country a wonderful place to visit, with the beauty of its natural landscapes, its pristine archipelago, the unique cultures of its people and wonderful diverse cuisines. Bali is roughly in the centre of the archipelago, making it convenient as a jump-off point for exploring farther afield in places like Jogjakarta, Flores and Komodo. Lombok’s landscape and beaches are beautiful and pristine, with waterfalls and a Pink Beach. 


Fried Duck Rice
Pink Beach
Goa Jomblang
Komodo Island
Komodo Island Clear Waters
Mount Merapi
Sekumpul Waterfall
Ubud Bali
Tanjung Puting National Park Kalimantan.

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