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8 Tips To Increase Your Work-From-Home (WFH) Productivity

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

As telecommuting start being the new normal, how do we increase our productivity at home? Turns out that organisation is key. A well-organised work area can boost your productivity levels and make you feel more efficient, organised and physically + mentally healthier! A clearer desk, a clearer mind!

1. Decluttering your workspace

Identify the items that you use frequently and place them on your desk, while everything else either goes to the trash or to your drawers! This will help to keep you focused throughout the day.

2. Clear your papers

Buried under tons of paper? Toss them if you no longer require them or convert them to digital copies! Having too much papers not only clutters your workspace, but the dust that it collects may trigger allergies or make you sick! Quick tip: Using a letter tray will help you to sort out the papers that you need and helps to keep your workspace tidy. It is advised to keep them in files, so that you can do a quick wipe down whenever it starts getting dusty!

3. Zoning your workspace

Set up zones to compartmentalise and prioritise your work, which help as you shift directions in your workflow throughout the day (both physically and mentally).

Example: different zones for emails, meetings, research, brainstorming

4. Well-lit space

Bad lighting hampers with your mood and can cause eye strains and headaches, so it is important to have a well-lit workspace - best with natural lighting! Position your workspace as close to a window to get as much natural light as possible. Otherwise get a few lamps and experiment to see under which type of lighting you work best!

5. Limit your emails

Organising your online workspace is equally important too. Limit your email use - through notification blocking or pausing the entry of new emails in your inbox, will help to ease stress levels and allows you to focus on the emails on hand, making you more productive.

6. Get a plant

Get a small plant or succulent (since they are easier to take care of) and place it on your desk! Having a plant helps to freshen the air and the colour green has also been shown to increase productivity levels!

7. Grab a comfort item

Select an item that makes you feel happy or at ease and place it in your workspace. It could be a scented candle, a photo of your family and friends, an aesthetic looking stationery holder or a comfy cushion. The important thing is to ensure that you do not go overboard and end up cluttering your workspace!

8. Make it a routine!

Organisation is a routine and the best way to ensure your workspace and mind is clutter-free is to do it on a frequent basis! Do not forget to also wipe your desk routinely to keep the dust at bay!

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