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Urban Art in Singapore: Colours on the Spectrum

As Singapore aspires to become a vibrant global cultural hub, public art is one of Singapore’s best freebies. Public art is a special ingredient that makes a city feel alive and dynamic and with time, artworks can also transform a space, become cultural icons and affirm local identity.

“Urban People” by Kurt Laurentz Metzler

These six caricatures in bright colours add vibrancy to the steps of the mall, the man in red reading a newspaper with a feature on the mall.

“Doggy 240” by Julien Marinetti

A cute and chubby multi-coloured French bulldog, made of painted bronze, stands outside Ion Orchard, ears lifted in anticipation.

“Let’s Go to a Paradise of Glorious Tulips” by Yayoi Kusama

In the rooftop garden of Orchard Central SC, you'll find these colourful sculptures by none other than Kusama, the famous Japanese visual artist most famous for her use of dots.

“The Nutmeg Grove” by Michele Righetti

At Orchard Central SC, these giant nutmeg seeds, so important to the historic spice trade, in hand welded steel and car paint, are given a modern spin by the Italian artist, reminiscent of a sports car.

“Jelly Baby Family” by Mauro Perucchetti

Outside Plaza Singapura, these oversized, colourful characters reminiscent of gummy bears, aim to symbolise family unity and the multiculturalism of modern society.

“Singapore Soul” by Jaume Plensa

This latticed steel figure has an opening, inviting you to step inside. At Ocean Financial Centre, it’s made from words from the four national languages of Singapore, representing cultural harmony.

“Momentum” by David Gerstein

In tribute to Singaporeans creating this vibrant city, this sculpture is made up of colourful figures. Located between Raffles Place and Raffles Quay, at 18-metres it’s the tallest sculpture in Singapore.

“Planet” by Marc Quinn

Located in Gardens by the Bay, this huge sculpture was modelled after Quinn’s son. Weighing seven tonnes and almost 10m, it appears to float in mid-air.

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