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BEA Feature - Mental Fitness to Leadership: Competition In Times of Uncertainty

As featured on Biz Events Asia (BEA)

By El Kwang

As Asia begins to see early signs of recovery, the industry remains at the mercy of pandemic-closed borders. With fiercer competitions facing destination management agencies in times of uncertainty, Kristina Forssell, Managing Director of 8th Wave Events & Destinations, shares with us the attributes leaders need to survive in this climate.

Growing up and travelling extensively in different parts of Asia, Forssell tells us how her experience has allowed her to adapt to changing landscapes.

“It is about having your own core and knowing what you stand for and being able to project that and work with that is more important than being afraid of losing the status quo.”

Finding a positive spin in negative situations has also brought about new opportunities for experimentation. With overseas travel not being on the radar, Forssell describes how investing in and empowering team members to develop new business strategies have paved the way for a new tour company known as Persp8ctives.

Going beyond the historical aspects of typical tours, Forssell explains how they have created “something that resonates with our ethos and works with our types of clients not just now in the domestic sense but also in the future.”

Find out more from the conversation below.

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