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The Black & White Curse of Malaya


The Black and White, rubber & opium, seen through warehouses & trade routes, and did Rubber really influence the invasion of Malaya in WW2? Were the first seeds planted on Fort Canning really the seeds to something much darker? Explore and trace the surprising cause and effect of some of the biggest trade successes in the history of Malaya; Who were the merchant princes? Was it really all that it seems?


  • Understand the dark heritage of Rubber and Opium in a Singapore context, the surprising role of rubber in the Japanese invasion and how the tentacles of these important trade goods have reached out to affect us until today.

  • Explore the back alleys and upper river quays where the warehouses and “godowns” for rubber and opium were located, and hear some hair-raising stories of both then and now!

  • Hear the stories of the Temple of the River, find out about the hidden house of an Opium merchant, find out the location of the last Opium Den of Singapore and see a real opium pipe.

  • Visit to a UNESCO awarded Temple, with incredible Fengshui

  • Find out about and visit one of the last remaining housing divides in Singapore, separated by a river and within sight of each other.

  • Enjoy a discussion over a refreshing drink in an inspiring Cafe, which organises an outreach out to the underprivileged in the neighbourhood.

  • Please bring your own water bottle for the tour.

  • Meeting Point: Fort Canning MRT Station, Exit B.

  • Ending Point: The Book Cafe, 20 Martin Road.



"I was attracted to the interesting title of this tour but was I surprised. The tour is delightful, insightful and surprisingly heartwarming. Not only is the content well-researched, I really enjoy the personable way Patrick leads the tour, his affability and attention to details, not to mention the rare and interesting anecdotes he shares. The tour is a great way to spend a Saturday morning and I’m definitely planning to join more Persp8ctives tours!"

Mrs Tan

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